“I wish to express appreciation to you and your staff on behalf of all residents at Old Route 7 Plaza for consideration of the day to day operations of the businesses located on site. Accommodating traffic flow while still continuing to keep working on the project presented its challenges which you successfully met with a minimum of disruption.”

Bob W.

“I would like you to know that this is one of the most positive experiences I have had with a contractor. I imagine this was a relatively small job for your company, but I always felt like an important client. Jen, I appreciate your communication and quick responses to any of my questions. I also thought it was great that Jim personally checked in on the job and made sure I was satisfied. The men that completed the work did a great job, were on time, very courteous and kept the job site clean.

If I ever have projects in the future, large or small, I will definitely call. Thank you very much!!!”

Alex B.

“Thanks for all that you have done to make our home the warm and comfortable place that it has become.”

Steve and Mary T.

“I just wanted to thank you for the very professional way in which you handled the replacement of our septic system. You did what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, which is what I expect from most people I have worked with time and again over the years, but is much more than most people manage. Of course, I appreciated your ability to get the job done quickly in the heart of winter, getting to an approved full system as we both wanted. What especially stands out, however, is the very nice clean up job you did on the work site, months later and exactly as promised after the weather warmed up. Thanks again.”

Richard Z.

“Thank you so much for being so helpful with our water problem. Your quick response helped a lot. Working through the weekend in the rain couldn’t have been fun and Cathy, I am sure you would have preferred that Jim be home with you!!! Not too many people would have been here at 10:00 pm with their flashlight. Thanks for everything!!!”

Kathy and Dave N.

“Thank you for helping us out during our departure from New Milford. You and your family are special human beings who can always be counted on to care for others.”

Nick A.

“Thanks so much for a “job well done.” You and your crew made a wonderful difference at our home. It just looks great. Your note of appreciation goes above and beyond the average contractor. But then again you are not average. What a Class Act!!! The grass came up well before this last down pour so no wash out. Thanks again!”

Shelia V.

“I am most thankful for our new house and the wonderful people who built it. We’ll stop by.”

Joe and Ed M.