About Us

Jim, owner and member of Lambert and Barr LLC, is a third generation builder, originally from Tennessee where he worked in the business as a young man and was involved in all phases of construction. Demolition of buildings was done frequently for new road construction and the lumber was utilized for the repair and rebuilding of old barns and outbuildings, due to the harder economic times in that part of the country.

In 1964, Jim moved to the New Milford / Danbury Connecticut area where he continued working in the construction industry. From 1973 until present he has had his own business doing all phases of construction, renovation, restoration, remodeling, excavation, and new construction. Jim has a Class A demolition license, Home Improvement Contractor’s license, New Construction license, Subsurface Sewage Installers License, Real Estate Broker’s license and is a certified building official for the State of Connecticut (not practicing). Jim and his employees handle all phases of construction from the excavation, installation of drainage, septic systems and sewage hook ups, landscaping and retaining walls, grading and foundation work, modular erections, fire loss, paving and asphalt repair, decking, framing, demolition, roofing, siding, jacking and shoring, insulation, sheetrock, all finish carpentry to include but not limited to cabinetry, trim, flooring etc. Jim has access to licensed subcontractors such as electrical, heating, air conditioning, sheet metal work, etc.

For several years Jim has been involved with environmental aspects of construction including hazardous and contaminated materials, oil tank removal and disposal and asbestos abatement. We are involved with all aspects of construction and have worked for commercial projects, such as Mobil Oil gas stations and on numerous residential projects.

Lambert and Barr not only builds conventional construction but is renowned in this region for our restoration expertise. Jim has moved entire structures and built new foundations under them in new locations. A four car garage at Newbury Crossing Condominium complex in Brookfield, CT – moved the entire garage from one side of the road to the other. Jim has also jacked and shored many houses, barns and garages where sills / foundations have deteriorated or shifted and repaired. In the past, Jim has jacked and shored a 2 ½ story barn thirty by one hundred, raising in some areas as much as a foot to blast the ledge from under the barn in order to create enough space for a new foundation. This magnificent structure is located in New Preston CT.

Jim has most recently been restoring an 1800’s farmhouse in Goshen for a client. Jim with the assistance of his crew had to jack and shore the home to replace rotted sills and restore the house to a sound structure. This house is impressive with many of its original features to include true log beams and posts / studs, original to its frame.

Also in Bethlehem, CT, when Jim’s clients were thinking of purchasing the home, for the purpose of their new residence, Jim was asked to evaluate and repair the structure. It had deteriorated to the point that the hearthstones on the second and third floors, which are original to this structure, had started to sink through the floors (1-3”). Jim and his crew carefully removed some of the oak flooring surrounding these granite stones and jacked and shored the home to re-stabilize it. Then the hearthstones were jacked individually into place once the structure was secured and the flooring was re-installed.

We welcome you to contact any of the building officials in New Milford, Kent, Warren, Washington, Sherman, Cornwall, Goshen, Brookfield and / or Bethlehem.

Jim is an Honorary Lifetime Member of the New Milford Historical Society as a result of instrumental renovation and restoration of historic landmarks. To include but not limited to his own home, the bandstand located on the town green and his work on many of the buildings in the village center.

Jim is a former member of the Town of New Milford School Building committee, where he facilitated and coordinated the renovation of the Town’s elementary, intermediate, and new construction of the high school. Jim is a former member of the Litchfield County Home Builders, Remodeling Association, New Milford Zoning Commission, Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Small Businesses and Exchange Club.

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